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In mid to late 2018, a group of good friends who had a passion for creating a close-knit family- oriented car club came to fruition and the founding of the South Bay Mustangs Car Club was born. We had our inaugural cruise down to Monterey, CA on Jan. 1, 2019. Our aspiration is to organically grow the club and be surrounded by like individuals who enjoy the Ford Mustang.


To make this work, we all worked as a team to define and create our club bylaws on what we all wanted from a club.

We have monthly board meetings the 2nd Saturday of each month, annual BBQ and much more. The South Bay Mustangs Car Club is open to just about everyone. We encourage anyone with a love for the hobby to join, no matter the year or model of your Mustang.

The mission of the South Bay Mustangs Car Club, is to provide a fun, family environment that establishes camaraderie among Mustang enthusiasts. Our passion, love and devotion to the original "Pony Car" of both Past and present years which promotes and preserves the Ford Mustang.


The most important part of SBMCC is each member. Click on image below to see the many varieties of Mustangs that are represented in the South Bay Mustangs Car Club.


Stang Sisters Logo.jpg

Stang Sisters is a growing group of women Mustang owners/drivers within the South Bay Mustangs Car Club family.


The founding members are a group of individuals that share camaraderie for one another that desire to be a positive influence in the Mustang community.

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